For control cabinets and systems that are located outdoors and are subject to temperature fluctuations, a control cabinet heater makes perfect sense.

If the electrical consumer is switched off here, the internal temperature of the switchgear slowly drops to the ambient temperature and falls below the dew point. The result is the formation of condensation.

If condensation forms or collects on electronic components or on circuit boards, this leads to corrosion, malfunctions, short circuits and even total failure of the electronics.

Control cabinet heaters were developed in order to prevent the dangers described above - and the costs resulting from them many times over in the event of damage occurring.

Areas of application for control cabinet heaters:

  • Traffic technology (parking pay stations, ticket machines, parking guidance systems, barrier systems, traffic light systems)
  • Food processing machinery/plants
  • Transformers/transformer stations
  • Telecommunications applications
  • Outdoor applications such as crane systems, communication masts, etc.

You can also find more information on control cabinet heaters at https://www.mbi-gmbh.de/schaltschrank-klimatisierung-kuehlung/schaltschrank-heizungen.