Filter mats roll goods

Like the filter mat blanks, filter mat rolls are suitable for the filtration of dirt (dust and other particles) and are used in all types of ventilation systems.

Just like the filter mats, the roll goods are also available in 2 types:
   Filter mat roll material made of polyolefin (can be used several times)
   Filter mat roll goods made of polyester (can be used once)


In addition to the already known size of 5 m² (1m x 5m), there are now other sizes to order in the filter mat store:

   20 m² (1m x 20m)
   40 m² (1m x 40m) oder (2m x 20m)
   80 m² (2m x 40m)

The rolls are available in G2, G3, G4 and M5 grades.

Highest quality at an attractive price, easy to order and delivered on time - a recipe for success that works and is already used by many satisfied customers.