The Shop of Filter Mats



The Shop of Filter Mats

filter mats for filter fans and enclosure

... long-lasting - reliable - good value !







Avoid overtemperature and a system failure caused by dirt-clogged filter mats and think of a timely filter mat change - so that your control cabinet is always supplied with fresh air!

  • Replacement filter mats (G2, G3, G4, M5) available quickly and cheaply from stock
  • in all standard cut sizes or on roll
  • Long service life - Slow pollution due to progressive construction



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filtermatte-g2  Coarse filter mats G2

filtermatte_g3  Standard filter mats G3


filtermatte-g4   Capillary filter mats G4



Your advantages:

Long-lasting and reliable

Repeated use by sucking dry, tap out, rinsing or washing out.
Compliance with the IP protection provided through original enclosure filter mats.

Long Service Life

Slow pollution caused by progressive structure of the filter mat leads to extended
service intervals (filter mats FM1... and FM3... as well as rolled goods RW1...).



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Enclosure HeatCheck


Do you have a heat problem with the
control electronics in your enclosure?

Or do you have an increased failure rate due to overheating?
Or you want to check whether your current ventilation / air conditioning is still sufficient?

Then you've come to the right place!
Our enclosure heatcheck was developed precisely for this purpose. Your electronics in enclosures is protected against overheating and lives longer.  More...


Energy Savings Potential


Compatible cutout filter fan series FF

Compatible cutout filter fan series FF


Compatible cutout cooling unit series SLIM FIT

compatible cutout cooling unit series SLIM FIT



Spare filter mats available in all standard sizes or as rolled goods ...
... Long service life - reliable  - good value!

If filter fans and exhaust filters are in use in control cabinets for ventilation of the installed electrical components, regular filter mat services should be carried out. Dirty filter mats may cause that the switchgear is not sufficiently supplied with cool external air. As a result, a temperature increase in the cabinet can result in a malfunction ot he machine/facilities. The result: machine standstil and depending on the industry and company size hig downtime costs in the shortest possible time. By exchanging the filter mats regularly this can be prevented.

In the filter mats shop you will find an extensive range for this. Whether coarse filter mats (G2), standard filter mats (class G3) or fine filter mats (class G4) - at the filter mats shop of MBI you can order all cutting sizes of marketable filter fan brands exactly in the amount you actually need - there is  no packaging unit. If you want to cut the filter mats yourself, there is the possibility to order  the filter mats as rolled goods. You will find the sizes 5 m² and 40 m² for each quality grade. If you need special-cut sizes in larger quantities, you can request these by e-mail. You will receive an answer within a very short time in form of an offer.
Moreover the filter mats shop is designed very user-friendly in terms of handling and user interface. The ordering process is very easy and delivery is usually within  a few working days, because all products are normally kept in stock.







filtermatte-m5  Capillary filter mats M5


rollenware  Rolled goods G2/G3/G4/M5 


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Good value

Highest quality at attractive prices

as of   50 pc.  10% discount
as of 100 pc. 20 % discount
as of
250 pc. 30 % discount
as of 500 pc. 40 % discount

for filter mats (NOT for rooled goods)


Quick delivery from stock

in all standard cut sizes or as rolled good


Needs-based ordering

No packaging! Order the filter mats as you need them.











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We calculate your energy savings potential through replacement of outdated enclosure cooling units!
Due to reduced acquisition costs/purchasing cost and energy savings in operations a production facility with
 25 enclosure cooling units in use can save up to  70,000 in 5 years!

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Compatible cutout filter fan  series GF


     compatible cutout filter fan series GF

More products for enclosure air conditioning


frei_SPECTRACOOL_NarrowWallMnt          PeltierNoShroudWithShroud_co


      OC-Serie             v-Serie







The filter mats shop carries 2 types of filter mats: filter mats from the nonwoven polyolefin (see article number FM1 ... and RW1 ....) and filter mats from the nonwoven polyester (see article number  FM2 ... and RW2.). Polyolefin filter mats are quality filter mats and provide 2 significant advantages. Firstly polyolefin filter mats are built up very progressively, i.e the fiber layers towards the clean air side increase - large dust particles areabsorbed more in the coarser area in the front whilst fine dust particles are filtered in the rear area. Thus, the filter mats pollute evenly and slowly in the depth. The result: time and service cost savings through extended service intervals. On the other hand polyolefin filter mats can be regenerated, i.e. by sucking dry, tapping or washing out, any filter mat may be used several times. Polyester filter mats are only partly regenerable, so they usually are a bit cheaper.
In a nutshell: the filter mats shop offers you the right filter mat for each application  demand of air filtration in cabinet filter fans and claims "high quality at an attractive price." In addition, you can obtain further savings up to 40% depending on order quantity, and receive orders above 300, - € order value free of charge. With the filter mats from the filter mats shop you take no risk in complying to the IP protection classes - because they are already used by many filterfan manufacturers and have proven themselves 100,000 times.