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Residential house owners and owners rely on replacement filter mats from

In the last years of the building boom, ventilation systems for the controlled ventilation of living spaces have become very popular. The requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) mean that houses are becoming increasingly airtight and energy-efficient. Renowned manufacturers offer all-round systems that not only ventilate and heat, but also prepare and cool hot water. This ensures a pleasant room climate and saves energy at the same time.

In such ventilation systems, filter mats in an external air filter cassette are used for air filtration of the intake external air. The filter mats must be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals.

Ever more owners of house, who operate such ventilation systems, find the way for replacement filter mats to filtermatten shop. de

Oliver Scheid, owner of a single-family house in Bruchsal-Heidelsheim, explains: "For my house, I use a complete system with heat recovery consisting of ventilation, heating and hot water preparation.

I used to order the replacement filter mat set recommended by the manufacturer for the filter mat change. What has bothered me here again and again were the sometimes considerable deviations in the cut dimensions at this price, i. e. the cuts were often either too large or too small for the filter cassette.

After searching the internet for an alternative, I found what I was looking for at the filter mat shop.


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Removing the
dirty filter mat
Cutting the new filter mat to size Inserting the new filter mat Replacing the filter cassette in the system


For comparison, here are 5 m² rolls G3 (article no. RW2305) for self-cutting, top quality and immediately available from stock.

The filter mat roll is coloured blue to indicate that the filter mat should be inserted correctly towards the inflow side to achieve the longest service life. This is very helpful for me as a user and a further advantage over the original filter mats, which unfortunately do not have this insertion hint.

And the best thing is, calculated on the cut to size, the filter mat rolls (RW2305) cost me less than a third less than the filter mat set of my previous supplier.

I'm thrilled and can only recommend the filter mat shop."

About the Filtermat Shop:

filtermatten_uebersichtThe filter mat shop is a service of MBI GmbH and offers quality filter mats in different quality classes (G2, G3, G4, M5) as cut to size or as roll material for self-cutting.

Customers can choose between two materials: Polyester for single use or polyolefin for multiple use. Polyester filter mats are inexpensive solutions that are conditionally regenerable. The fibres of polyolefin filter mats are coated, which makes it easier to remove dirt particles (by sucking, beating, spraying or washing them out).
Standard products can be conveniently ordered online and are usually immediately available from stock. The filter mat shop offers special blanks from 50 pieces.

More information can be found at filtermatten-shop. de.

Case Study as PDF to Download

 Case Study as PDF to Download