Filter Mats

Filter mat cuttings

Filter mat cuttings

General information on filter mat blanks and their properties for better differentiation of the products offered.

Filter mats roll goods

Filter mats roll goods

General information on filter mat rolls and the respective sizes, materials and product properties

Filter mats and rolls for ventilation systems

Air filter mats are suitable for the filtration of dirt (dust and other particles) and are used in all types of ventilation systems.


In switchgear or control cabinets, for example, air filter mats are used in control cabinet fans (filter fans) depending on the application and ambient conditions.

Here, air filter mats ensure that only cool and clean air can enter the switchgear cabinet and, at the same time, the IP protection class (protection against dust and water) is maintained in conjunction with commercially available filter fans and outlet filters opposite the switchgear cabinet. The goal should be that the switchgear can operate at a constant "low" temperature, so that the highest possible availability can be achieved.

An increase in the operating temperature as well as permanent temperature fluctuations stresses the
electrotechnical components and shorten their service life.

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