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Extensive standard product portfolio in sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic versions

In addition to control cabinet air conditioning, MBI also has an extensive product portfolio of control cabinets and enclosures with 3 high quality control cabinet brands. The focus here is primarily on the wishes of the customer. While we can react flexibly and quickly to the respective customer requirements with standard products of the highest quality, we also focus on "customised"!

Produktgruppenbild-SchaltschraenkeThis means: You get every enclosure and every housing from us in exactly the design you need for your application. Whether it's machined standard enclosures with cut-outs, your desired colour, etc. or completely newly designed customised enclosures and housings. Please feel free to contact us under Contact, thank you!

For more detailed information, please refer to Product Overview Control Cabinets - MBI GmbH