Compact fan/axial fan

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Fan, compact fan, axial fan, compact fans, axial fans, compact axial fans = compact axial fan

Compact axial fans consist of the fan wheel and the motor (shaded-pole or capacitor motors in the AC range, brushless DC motors in the DC range) that drives the fan wheel. The fan wheel and the motor are installed together in a compact housing. The axis of rotation of the fan wheel is parallel or axial to the air flow. This means that the air is moved by blades or vanes on the fan wheel.

Similar to an aircraft or ship propeller. The fan wheel, motor and housing thus form a unit that is called a compact axial fan in specialist circles. In colloquial language, other descriptions are often found. Some examples of this are fan, compact fan, axial fan, compact fans, axial fans, compact axial fans, etc.

Compact axial fans are characterised by their small dimensions in relation to the high air flow rate at medium pressure build-up.